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About Simmons & Kushnir LLP

With more than 65 years of experience in the public and private sector, the firm of Simmons & Kushnir, and its affiliated consulting firm, P3, LLC, has earned and maintained a reputation for a client-focused, cutting-edge, legal practice that provides the necessary foundation and building blocks for public and private entities to undertake and complete business transactions involving capital and financial assets.

One of the most challenging tasks of federal, state, and municipal "We help clients navigate the legal and practical issues and problems involved in privatization"governments is providing cost-effective services to its residents and maximizing the use of valuable resources for the good of the community. Over the past several years -- at national, local, and international levels -- our Partners have been instrumental in the creation and operation of public-private partnerships for the re-structuring of government-owned or managed properties and facilities in the United States and abroad.

In the course of our privatization work, we help clients navigate the legal and practical issues and problems involved in privatization, including public and private goals, financing and securities law concerns, valuation difficulties, environmental liability issues, the changing roles of regulatory structures, legislative and regulatory drafting, and the negotiation and drafting of financial and contract documentation.

The firm has participated in a variety of privatization transactions, including sale/leasebacks, lease/leasebacks, Buy/Own/Operate and Buy/Own/Transfer structures, equity sales, and the transfer of title or managerial and operational control by contract.

We specialize in all matters involving the acquisition, management and disposal of real property, facilities and associated services by federal, state and local entities. . This includes a thorough understanding of how agencies fundamentally plan, budget, and implement their respective construction, leasing, and disposal programs regardless of whether such involve minor programs or major facility acquisitions or disposals involving capital assets worth in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

This experience not only deals with the program issues involved but also with the myriad of areas that are attendant to federal or public acquisition, management or disposal of capital assets; including: environmental law, fiscal and budgetary laws, federal laws, regulations and polices involving federal acquisition and disposal programs, small business program, small disadvantaged veteran programs, Native American and Native Alaskan programs.

Through this site, we look forward to welcoming you to the firm, highlighting a few features about our practice, and, we hope, sharing ideas for partnering with you.

msMichael Simmons

Michael Simmons helps clients structure complex financial transactions supporting innovative, public-private venture/asset management programs, focusing his efforts on project finance, loan and real estate privatization.

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tkAnatolij Kushnir

Tony Kushnir builds and fosters innovative, public-private partnerships that encourage private sector investment in public properties and infrastructure.

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